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I promise to give you the same quality of treatment that I would for my own wife and four children. We treat our patients like family.

Dr. David Maisey
Family Dentistry
Comprehensive and thorough dental care for your whole family.

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Our Promise To You
We live family values, and use the best technology for you and your loved ones.

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Family Values + The Most Modern Technology

Dr. David Maisey believes in family first. He's made Anchorage his home, and loves the spirit and culture in Anchorage. There's a feeling out of people who are self-reliant, caring, good neighbors, and good people.

Your health means so much to you, and your dental health is one of the biggest components of that. Good dental health means a great smile, clean and fresh breath, and a great appearance you can be confident in.
Dr. Maisey knows how important dental health is, and he wants to welcome you into the Denali Family Dental Center like a member of his own family. When you come into the practice, you're going to receive the highest standard of care, trust, and comfort.
"We use the best technology to take care of you and your family. Family values first, and then using the best technology can offer to take care of you and your family."
Dr. David Maisey
Care, courtesy, compassion, and a welcoming attitude come first when you visit the Denali Family Dental Center. Every staff member is going to treat you in a warm and friendly way, so you feel welcome. We know some people are afraid of the dentist, but there's nothing to fear here -- this is a place like "your second home," where you can take care of your health in a loving and comfortable environment.
The second part of the Denali equation is the most modern technology. Dr. Maisey is committed to lifelong learning. While all dentists participate in some Continuing Education each year as part of their dental licensing, Dr. Maisey goes above and beyond to study all the new technologies and treatment options that come available. Dr. Maisey always wants to be able to give you great educational content, give you informed care where you understand the procedures, and constantly work to make your dental health painless and fantastic.
We take care of families, and have patients from age 3 to age 99. We're happy to have fun and create a relaxed and playful environment with your children so they grow up liking the dentist, and we give our senior citizens the respect and dignity they're due as part of their dental care. We have a wide range of treatment options, including all the standard general dentistry, plus advanced dental implants and orthodontics. We hope to serve you across generations of your family.

We promise…


…to treat you as well as our own family.


…to be constantly learning of the most modern technology to advance your dental health painlessly.


…to give you the respect, dignity, courtesy, and care you deserve.


…to participate in Anchorage life and serve you like a great neighbor, family member, and fantastic individual.

We're honored to serve you. Please call us any time to book an appointment for you and your loved ones.


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Dr. David L Maisey Complete Care for Your Whole Family

We take pride in our long history of serving the Anchorage area. We are committed to providing our patients based on honesty, integrity and high ethical standards. We always give the safe, effective, and excellence care. Our attention to details is what makes us number one with our patients. We strive for perfection with knowledge and latest technology. We want our patients to look healthy and happy.

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