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Dental Implants

Dental Implants: Regain Your Bite Strength, Your Appearance, And Your Quality of Life

Tooth damage and tooth loss can be a very upsetting time in a person’s life. We’ve heard from patients with damaged or lost teeth that it can be harder to eat the foods they want to eat, they can become self-conscious about their appearance, and their quality of life is adversely impacted.

If this has happened to you, dental implants could be the answer you’re looking for. Dental implants give you a permanent, strong, healthy, and beautiful solution to lost or damaged teeth.

How do dental implants work?

To understand dental implants, you want to understand how a tooth works. There’s two elements: the root, which is “underneath” the tooth, and the “crown,” which is what most people think of as the tooth and is on top.
With a dental implant, you’ll receive safe and gentle pain-killing or mild sedation, and Dr. Maisey will surgically place an implant into the bone structure, and then fit a temporary crown on top of it. After healing is complete, you’ll receive a full porcelain crown which is very strong and beautiful, and you’ll be able to eat the kind of foods you want to eat again, your appearance will be restored, and you’ll find your confidence, energy, and quality of life will greatly improve!

What are the advantages of dental implants?

Lost or damaged teeth have a number of disadvantages:
  • Increased chance of infection
  • Reduced bite strength
  • Potentially adverse changes to appearance
  • Tooth loss can lead to bone loss and damage to the jaw or facial structure
  • Lost confidence and self-esteem
With dental implants, you can reverse these disadvantages and reclaim your quality of life!
The advantages of dental implants are:
  • Improves and protects your oral hygiene and dental health
  • Reclaim your bite strength and eat the kinds of foods you want
  • Get the cosmetic appearance you want to have, which can make all the difference in social functions, getting the kind of job you want, getting new clients/business, and continually being promoted
  • Protect your jaw and facial structure; preserve and enhance the youthfulness of your appearance
  • Increase your confidence and self-esteem!

Dr. David Maisey is proud to welcome you to the Denali Family Dental Center

Dr. Maisey specializes in implants, which is the intersection of using the most modern technology and understanding your goals for your health and appearance. The Denali Family Dental Center has been serving Anchorage for over 30 years, and has an emphasis on family values.
“We use the best technology to take care of you and your family. Family values first, and then using the best technology can offer to take care of you and your family.”
— Dr. David Maisey
Please give our friendly staff a call at 561-1317 if you want to consider dental implants. Dr. Maisey is happy to consult with you to get the perfect informed treatment plan. We process a variety of insurance and financing option to make it affordable for you.
Don’t wait to get the smile you deserve — many Alaskans have reclaimed the youthfulness, confidence, vigor, and lifestyle they want through dental implants, and Dr. David Maisey is here to help you get the perfect smile and lifestyle you deserve.