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Dental Technology

3D Cone Beam Imaging





Advanced digital imaging!

Denali Family Dental Center uses 3D cone beam imaging to capture highly detailed pictures of your entire mouth and supporting structures. These images allow Dr. Maisey to more effectively plan and perform your treatments to help you regain a healthy smile. Call us today at 907-561-1317 to learn more about 3D cone beam imaging  and to schedule your appointment.

3D imaging helps our dentist provide higher-quality care

3D cone beam imaging is a state-of-the-art imaging technology that produces a three-dimensional digital reconstruction of your entire head, including your teeth, mouth, jaw, neck, ears, nose, and throat. These images are highly comprehensive and detailed, giving Dr. Maisey and team a much better understanding of what is happening in your mouth. These high-quality images also help us to plan treatments that are less invasive, highly effective, and tailored to your individual needs.

Cone beam imaging used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Planning dental implant placement surgery
  • Evaluating the jaws and face
  • Viewing the entire head and neck
  • Diagnosing tooth decay
  • Detecting endodontic problems
  • Planning root canal treatments
  • Analyzing dentofacial trauma
  • Assessing TMJ disorders
  • Planning and evaluating the progress of orthodontic treatment
  • Visualizing abnormal teeth

This same machine is what we use to take your yearly bitewing x-ray and your panoramic image. These images are projected onto a nearby computer monitor to be viewed instantly, allowing our dentist to make an efficient and highly accurate diagnosis. Digital X-rays are used to identify and treat a number of dental problems, including:

  • Tooth decay
  • Developmental abnormalities
  • Incorrect root positioning
  • Cysts and abscesses
  • Fractures in the teeth or in dental fillings
  • Tumors
  • Bone loss
  • Infection

Are Dental X-rays safe?

X-rays have a reputation of being somewhat unsafe, and many people have concerns about this. Here at Denali Family Dental Center, we are pleased to inform you that digital X-rays are very safe. Digital X-rays produce very little radiation – less radiation, in fact, than what you are exposed to in your normal day-to-day life, and up to 90% less than traditional film X-rays. Additionally, each X-ray machine is checked regularly to ensure that it functions properly and is safe for use.


 Intraoral Cameras

At Denali Family Dental Center, we use state-of-the-art diagnostic technology to detect dental problems in their earliest stage, provide customized treatment sooner, and provide long-term protection for your smile.  Intraoral cameras are small, pen-sized tools that use autofocus and light to take high-quality images of your teeth, gums, and surrounding tissue to look for signs of tooth decay, disease, cracks, cavities, and cancerous lesions that X-rays may not reveal. These images provide us with a better understanding of your oral health and greatly improve your current and future visits.Benefits of using an intraoral camera include:

  • Early detection: Intraoral cameras enlarge images of the teeth to 40+ times their real size, allowing us to zoom in on problem areas and diagnosing issues that may have otherwise gone undetected.
  • Better patient-team interaction: In addition to diagnosing your smile, we can also use intraoral cameras to display images of your smile and educate you about your oral health, pointing out areas or concern and explaining treatment options.
  • Improve record keeping: We can easily print and store the images taken by the intraoral record, filing them away with your other health information. This allows our dentists and team to track your treatments and progress over the years. We can also submit these photos to boost insurance claims.